Does a cool mist humidifier make the room cold? Here’s the answer!

A humidifier is an excellent way to moisten the dry air and balance the air humidity indoors. Cool mist humidifiers are must-have devices for any home, especially during dry seasons.

If you’re wondering if cold mist humidifiers influence indoor temperature, your health, and living conditions at all, then you should read this article.

Does a cool mist humidifier make the room cold?

How do cool mist humidifiers work?

A cool mist humidifier turns water into microdroplets. We will describe the process of the cool mist humidifier’s work according to its classification.

Types of cool mist humidifiers

There are three types of humidifiers. The classification is based on the way the device works.

Evaporative cool mist humidifier

An inner fan passes the air through the filter from around the humidifier. The water is absorbed from a saturated wick filter in this way.

Absorbent materials inside evaporative humidifiers may be paper or foam, that soak up water from a reservoir.

Then, the evaporative humidifier just made droplets get into the air as mist and spread over the room.

Does a cool mist humidifier make the room cold? Here's the answer!

Ultrasonic cool mist humidifier

A thin ceramic diaphragm located inside the humidifier vibrates at an ultrasonic frequency. This feature of an ultrasonic humidifier is used to convert the water into droplets. Under the influence of ultrasonic frequency, droplets mix with the air because of the inability to hold the diaphragm surface.

Impeller cool mist humidifier

There is a specific disc inside this type. By the method of spinning at a high frequency, the disc converts the water into droplets and spreads it in the form of mist.

Does a cool mist humidifier make the room cold?

Concluding the name of the device, a lot of people consider a cool mist humidifier makes a room colder. But in fact, it is not the truth!

The mist made by a cool mist humidifier is just a bit colder than that of other humidifier types, but it doesn’t reduce the ambient temperature.It adds moisture to the air and makes you breathe easier.

On the other hand, a cool mist humidifier can make the air becomes warm. This effect is explained by the physical features of the human body. Human sweat might evaporate slower, with a fluence of good moisturizing by fine mist. That’s why the body has enough humidity and saves warmth.

Besides, it is very helpful for the skin, especially if you live in a dry or cold climate. You will get rid of dry sinuses, itchy skin, and cracked lips due to a cool mist humidifier.

Does a cool mist humidifier make the room cold? Here's the answer!

Advantages of a cool mist humidifier

Cool mist humidifiers are a helpful thing.

They cover a large area with moisture. This is a great way to keep an entire room moisturized.

Besides, it uses less energy without a heating effect.

In addition to it, they are good not only at producing comfortable air conditions. Cool mist humidifiers can strengthen your health.

In general, it helps:

  • to get rid of dry skinIn case of humidity’s lack in the air indoors, your skin is predisposed to dryness. Because of this, peeling, irritation, and itching may appear on your face and body. A humidifier can easily solve these annoying problems before they occur.
  • to prevent a sore throatDry air can cause discomfort in the throat – it is difficult for you to speak due to irritation. With a moderate degree of humidity, your throat will not hurt.
  • to sleep betterCool mist humidifier prevents you got a scratchy throat. So, we recommend you turn on the device before bed.
  • to breathe deepAt present time, there are plenty of people suffering from shortness of breath. The device we are talking about is suitable for people suffering from asthma.

Cool mist humidifiers vs. warm mist humidifiers

For comparison purposes, we are going to look at the operation of a warm mist humidifier.

A warm mist humidifier heats water to produce steam that humidifies the air. At the same time, a cool mist humidifier releases tiny water droplets into the air.

These devices also differ in the degree of sound produced during operation. A warm mist humidifier makes less noise than a cold one.

Without any heating elements, cold mist humidifier uses less energy compared with warm mist humidifiers.

Warm mist is made by way of heating the water. This process purifies water before releasing it into the air. It turns warm mists into air purifiers.

Does a cool mist humidifier make the room cold? Here's the answer!

Are they safe to use for children around?

As for warm mist humidifiers, the risks for children around are more significant.

Hot water and heating elements may cause scalding. That’s why if a child comes too close to working heated humidifiers or maybe wishes to touch it at that time, it can hurt.

As for cool mist humidifiers, suspended materials such as microorganisms and minerals in the water are diffused into the air by an impeller and ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers. Moreover, the scent is necessary for a child’s good night’s sleep and easy breathing.

For example, ultrasonic humidifiers use an injector, which produces a fine spray of liquid that can increase humidity. One thing that makes this kind of cool-mist humidifier especially good for nurseries and children’s rooms is that it’s quiet in operation.

The absence of hot water or a heating element eliminates the risk of injury and is safer to use with children around.

Are cool mist humidifiers suitable for winter use?

Yes! Cool mist humidifiers can be used in the winter period. It makes a room warmer because of its moisturizing function.

On the other hand, we suppose that the work of warm mist during winter would be more effective because of the existence of heating elements inside.

Correct humidity levels

Humidifiers are required to maintain the moisture content of a room.

The right relative humidity level is 35 to 50%. This level is good for your health.

Also, at a humidity level of 40%, musical instruments and some types of furniture are stored.

Too high humidity levels lead to mold growth (over 60%), such as the increasing level of adverse bacteria and dust mites. Reduced moisture levels lead to dry skin, chapped lips, and other effects discussed above.

Operating time of the humidifier

As a rule, the humidifier must maintain relative humidity inside a house or an apartment in the course of performing its functions.

You can expect significant changes in humidity levels within 24 hours of turning on the humidifier.

The time how fast a humidifier reaches the desired humidity depends on some factors:

  • The room’s size

The larger the room, the longer it will take to achieve the desired result.

  • The room’s temperature

When you open a window or door in a room, you let in cold air, which prevents the spread of moisture in the desired area. The faster you want to achieve the result, the less you need to ventilate the room.

  • The room’s furniture

The more things and furniture in a room or apartment, the more time it will take to increase the level of humidity inside. There is even furniture that absorbs moisture (for example, that is made of wood or carpets).

To understand how well your humidifier humidifies the room, we recommend that you purchase a hygrometer. It is also possible that your humidifier is equipped with a humidistat.

All you have to do is follow the manufacturer’s instructions and measure the data shown on the meters. The humidifier should last until the air in your room reaches the correct humidity level.

Some users noticed that the level of humidity in their premises did not reach the desired level until 12 hours after the start of use. But as mentioned earlier, it depends on many individual indicators.

Does a cool mist humidifier make the room cold? Here's the answer!

Is it safe to keep the humidifier on all night?

Some humidifiers have the helpful function of turning off after the water inside is run out. That’s you should not worry about the exceeding work of the device or the conditions of your room.

A helpful feature for electrical appliances

As you probably know, static electricity is everywhere. In our age of technological development and electrical engineering, this is not news.

Increased static electricity is very dangerous. It is caused by an imbalance of positive and negative charges and can lead to a short circuit, and subsequently to fire, paralysis, and even death.

Moisturizing air helps to minimize static electricity. That’s why it is not only useful for people, but for electrical appliances too.

Suitable place for a humidifier?

In general, there are two types of humidifiers according to the installation method.

A permanent humidifier most often stands in one place because of its large format. It is desirable to place it in the center of some large rooms in increased air dryness.

A portable humidifier is smaller than a permanent one.

Also, it can be placed anywhere in the room where an electricity board is available.

Remember not to install a humidifier near the electrical instruments. This may cause corrosion.

How to make the room colder?

If you want to achieve the opposite effect and make your room cooler, then air conditioners are well suited for this purpose.

Although, you should remember not to stay in a room with an air conditioner turned on for too long. You may develop cold symptoms or even a more dangerous illness.

Which type of cool mist humidifier is the best?

An evaporative cool mist humidifier or an ultrasonic humidifier work more quietly than other types of cool humidifiers do. At the same time, if the water that is poured into the device is not clear enough, the materials inside a humidifier may get dirty faster.

Anyway, before purchasing and using a certain type of room humidifier, we recommend looking at all your options of devices adding moisture, and choosing the best one for you.

Does a cool mist humidifier make the room cold? Here's the answer!


Using a cool mist humidifier, you can face questions. We are going to answer them.

What are the benefits of a cool mist humidifier?

The advantages of this device are obvious.

It is safe for children and pets. That’s why you can use it without any worries.

A cool mist humidifier spreads the moistened air around a large room, which saturates the dry air and creates a favorable environment for humans, animals, and plants.

The device keeps your electricity bill low as spend less quantity of energy.
Favorably affects the body by actively moistening the air. Health is above all!

Can I leave a cool mist humidifier on all night?

If a cool mist humidifier works all night long, it’s not the problem.

In general, some humidifiers control the device’s turning off when the water runs out.

Does a humidifier make the room feel warmer or cooler?

Any type of humidifier makes a room warmer inside.

Because of the physical features of our bodies, in case of adding moisture, we feel warmer.

Do humidifiers affect room temperature?

When the humidity level increases in a room, the temperature rises too. This means that humidifiers can make a room more humid and warm.

If you want to make the room cooler, then use the air conditioner.


In conclusion, firstly, we answered the question: “Does a cool mist humidifier make the room cold?”. It is not the truth!

Due to their main function of increasing the level of humidity in the room, cool mist humidifiers make the room warmer, get rid of dry indoor air, and improve air quality. You can use them any time of the year. They are well suited for large spaces. Even if you have children or pets at home, cool humidifiers will not be a problem for their living conditions and health.

We studied the classification of cool mist humidifiers and compared their working principles with warm mist humidifiers, which mainly use heating elements.

Of course, you decide what type of room humidifier is best for you. Now you cannot be afraid to catch a cold or get sick while using a cold mist humidifier.

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