What size AC unit for 16×80 mobile home is the best?

There are more than 10 million mobile homes in the USA (8.1% of the total residential resource). Air conditioning and ventilation in such dwellings resemble classical systems in traditional houses. There are, however, some specifics that need to be talked about: air conditioners.

what size ac unit for 16x80 mobile home

Determining your square footage

What size AC unit for a 16×80 mobile home (they are the most popular) is the best?

What to determine: what power heating equipment needs to be installed in a residential space, it is necessary to perform accurate calculations of square footage. Mobile homes will have a total area of 1,228 square feet (36,000 BTU). BTU rating – the base size on which the calculations are based. Generally, AC and HVAC are the main designations of air systems:

HVAC units are ventilation and heating;

AC units are the air devices segment.

There is a Home HVAC System for the arrangement of the mobile home:

There are functional elements in one block

1. Air cleaner.

2. Evaporative valve.

3. Compressor.

The ductwork is based on the floor or near the roof.

What size AC unit for 16x80 mobile home is the best?

Measure your mobile home

The calculation of the volume of the room is very simple: the width is multiplied by the length and height. It's sufficient to know this parameter to proceed further. If you know the indicators exactly, you can look for a suitable model for a large number of devices. The size of the AC unit must also be taken into account. There is always a shortage of space in the building, other parameters also concern:
1.      Run long equipment.
2.      Ductwork.
3.      Size AC unit.
To calculate the volume, an additional parameter must be taken into account: height.
Modern ventilation system maintains an acceptable temperature in the mobile home. This is the most efficient model for securing cool and hot. If the dimensions of the dwelling are too large, then the Home HVAC System works with a high load. Hence the conclusion: the larger the living area, the more powerful the ventilation system should be for making a cool and warm atmosphere.

If the air system is too powerful, the house will cool down quickly. There is a risk of corrosion, we should be concerned about this.

What size AC unit for 16x80 mobile home is the best?

Determining the right mobile home

The right size air conditioner for mobile home is determined by several factors:

1. The level of negative temperatures, humidity.

2. The quality of insulation of the fan, air conditioner.

3. The right size of the living area.

The situation can vary quite noticeably. For example, in Texas or California, it will be enough installing a small power device. The performance of coolers is calculated in units: BTU (British Thermal Units) is an English unit of measurement.

This means the amount of energy it takes to heat a pound of water by 1 degree (Fahrenheit).

ENERGY STAR Home Cooling Sizing Guidelines is a certification format that has been developed following accepted standards. Energy conservation efficiency should be about 80% when heating or cooling living rooms. The ENERGY-STAR format equipment is fully 100% suitable for homes.

In order to carry out operational calculations on your own, you need to know the reference:

• 1 square foot (convert 0.093 square footage)

• 1 square footage (figure convert 10.8 square feet)

Generally, knowing this simple formula, it will be possible to independently calculate the area of a mobile home. Ductless Systems models are one of the best air conditioner size for an AC unit for mobile homes.

They have working blocks

1. Compressor of the outer part (condenser).

2. Indoor air handler making cool.

3. Pipeline (supply of power, suction and discharge).

Ductless Systems have advantages

1. Quickly set up.

3. No air ducts.

5. Energy savings of up to 33%.

The air spreads evenly throughout the house.

What size AC unit for 16x80 mobile home is the best?

Frigidaire Window-mounted room air conditioner

The Frigidaire window unit is considered one of the best (power about 158 kBit/s).


1. Minimum energy consumption.

2. Multi-speed fan (there are three speeds).

3. Program: sleep mode, timer (24-hour, on/off)

5. Adjust temperature (hot, cool, moisture).

6. Determine remote control.

7. Managingthe operating modes.

9. Fixed by a mounting bracket (serial number B0872ZJCB9).

Frigidaire window-mounted room air conditioner power manufacture: 1280 W; Voltage: 115.0; Noise level up to 52.2 decibels. The right size and power of air conditioners are interconnected. One of the most important factors is in which climate zone the unit is located.

The miniature window devices of low power, which are optimally suited for Florida, will be useless in Alaska, where snow lies 300 days a year. In a hot climate, it makes no sense to buy bulky heating equipment.

Any contractor takes these features into account when drawing up sales plans.

Window devices are suitable for Texas or other similar regions where there is summer during all year.

It should be remembered: to properly select HVAC window air conditioners, and determine what size AC unit for 16×80 mobile home size AC unit should be acquired. It will save electricity and money. A wall-mounted air conditioner is in demand among many users.

What size AC unit for 16x80 mobile home is the best?


1.      It is inexpensive.

2.      Compact form.

3.      Easy to install and maintain.

4.      Designed for small spaces.

5.      It has the right size.

6.      Consumes electricity.

Spare parts are available in large quantities, their cost is low. For optimal cooling and dehumidification, the size AC unit for the unit requires an average measure of 21,000 British Thermal Units (BTU).

Calculation example

It is required to calculate the required power of the unit. The following values are taken into account:

1. The height of the room.

2. The figure area.

For a right size of 26 m2, a 2.55 kW (equal 9100 BTU) split system is suitable.

Basic formula: Q = Q1 + Q2 + Q3,

Q1 — the amount of heat from the walls, roof, and floor. Calculated by the formula:

Q1 = S h q / 1000:

•          S — area (m2)

•          h — ceiling height (m)

•          q = 30 – coefficient specifying if there is little sunlight in the rooms

•          q = 35 – average illumination

•          q = 40 – there is a lot of light in the daytime

What size AC unit for 16x80 mobile home is the best?

What kind of air conditioner goes in a mobile home?

Complex models have:

1. Compressor/condenser.

2. Air conditioner purifier (mount on the outer wall).

Such a model is suitable for 16×80 unit, as a lot of space is saved.


1. The device is easy to adjust (moisture and other things).

3. Maintains the desired humidity, temperature (cool or hot).

4. It is inexpensive.

The installation is simple

A complex model is one of the best choices for the owner of the unit.

The central air conditioning system is another good option.


•          an internal evaporator is used to absorb hot air

•          a separate AC unit located outside for heat distribution.

The mobile home is supplied with a furnace unit mounted inside the house. Air ductwork must be installed, which takes up a small amount of space.

What size AC unit for 16x80 mobile home is the best?


1.      Low consumption of electrical energy.

2.      Easy to install and repair.

3.      The service life is long.

4.      The cost is low.

The insulation level for 16×80 mobile home affects the indoor climate. In Arizona, for example, in summer, hot air will enter rooms if doors and window units are faulty. Thin walls and ceilings will heat up quickly in sunny weather and also cool down at night.

Modern materials allow you to insulate the walls, floor, and ceiling of the mobile home from inside and outside.

It’s sufficient to make a favorable microclimate in the house.

The mobile home parameters in the US range from 1,184 to 1,200 square feet. If the unit is 1200 square feet, then 5,000 to 6,000 BTU will be required for cooling. If the area is between 254 and 410 square feet, up to 8,500 BTU will be required for cooling.

What size AC unit for 16x80 mobile home is the best?


How many square feet is in a 16×80 mobile home?

The mobile home measuring 16 x 80 feet will have a total area of 1,228 square feet (36,000 BTU) – the main parameter which the calculations are based on.

How many BTU air conditioners do I need for a mobile home?

When choosing an air conditioner fan, at least 10 factors are taken into account (sometimes more). The basic parameters (length and width) are the area and volume of the room.


When it comes to industrial buildings and/or the mobile home, we can state: most of them will be equipped with an integrated air system, both for heating and cooling.
An air conditioner makes the mobile home safer and more comfortable. Less electricity is consumed, the service life of the air handler is long, and it is inexpensive.

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