Exactly why is your Rinnai water heater beeping?

The tank and tankless technologies are blended in the design of Rinnai water heaters to give a flawless, long-lasting performance that allows customers to enjoy hot water whenever they need it.

rinnai water heater beeping

Cases of tankless water heater beeping

Even if the Rinnai water heater works well the majority of the time, there are times when it may be activated, making a beeping sound. It’s not very pleasant to be startled awake by your hot water heater!

Even though there may be multiple issues reflected by error codes, a water leak may be a frequent event that activates the heater’s leak sensor in a Rinnai tankless water heater.

 The Rinnai tankless water heaters, may occasionally beep without showing any error numbers on the display, which is an indication that a fault error code is present (discussed more on this site). We conducted an extensive study and discovered the following error codes that might be shown on a Rinnai tankless water heater while beeping.

1)Error code 02 – the water will not heat during the freeze protection mode owing to a problem with the water heater.

2)Error code 05- shows a difficulty caused by a disruption at the bypass actuator.

3)Error code 10- signals a stumbling barrier in the air supply or exhaust.

4)Error code 11: the water heater cannot be switched on due to a failure to ignite.

5)Error code 12– signifies that the flame has gone out.

6)Error code 25- implies that the condensate drain line or condensate trap is congested.

7)Error code 31– shows that the temperature controller has failed.

8) Error code 79– suggests water leakage.

9)Error code 65– suggests that the water’s flow rate is irregular.

10)Error code 35– signifies an issue with the temperature controller.

The above-mentioned fault codes provide Rinnai water heater owners with an easier viewpoint on how to tackle a scenario produced by Rinnai tankless water heater beeping, as well as a proper view of the actual problem.

Exactly why is your Rinnai water heater beeping?

What defines a lc0 code on a rinnai tankless water heater?

It is when your Rinnai Tankless Water Heater may display an error code LC0 on its display panel, indicating a scale buildup in its heat exchanger.

To avoid further damage to the heat exchanger, the users are advised to read the Rinnai water heater owner’s instruction manual, which will provide a guided technique to safely flush the buildup and help revive the heater.

Steps to repair error code of LC0:

  • Cleanse the heat exchanger as directed in the product’s instruction manual.
  • Then, continue holding down the ON/OFF button 5 times to ensure a temporary reboot to the LC error codes showcased.
  • This permits the Rinnai tankless water heaters to operate without interruption for 70 hours.
  • The Rinnai water heater then would display another LC error code, locking the device.
  • The heat exchanger must be cleaned to enable enough incoming cold water to pass through it; if an obstruction is detected, the flow rate decreases, causing the water heater to overheat.

To revive your Rinnai water heater, you would need to restart the heater, which would immediately cease the beeping sound.

For instance, during an error code 03, it shows that the water heater failed to fill the bath after a power outage. To reset, the users must press the ON/OFF button twice.

Another common situation that would need stepwise guidance for reactivation of the water heater is when the display panel reveals error code 10.

A blockage in the air supply or the exhaust is the cause of error code 10. See how to repair below:

How to clear an impediment from the airway

1) Firstly, we must detach the vent from the head of the Rinnai tankless water heater and disconnect the vent system from the tankless water heater, continuing to test whether the tankless water heater could be used without a vent. If it can be switched on without an incident, the fault is thought to be in the vent pump arrangement.

2) Second, we go to each venting system to troubleshoot. Finally, we must ensure that the mounting components and mounting depths are properly placed.

3)Thirdly, we need to guarantee appropriate clearance in order to avoid flammable vapor circulation within the heating system.

4)The next step is to ensure that the DIP switches line 90 ° with each vent length using an appropriate fixture.

5)Moving forward, we need to thoroughly check for particles of debris obstructing the vent system, if so, carefully remove them.

6) Lastly, keep in mind to check for the venting port to avoid the system being incorrectly turned on, overhanging, or obstructed.

The above-mentioned tracks would safely guide you to remove any clogged sediments, ensuring the proper functional restoration of the air supply to the exhaust.

Exactly why is your Rinnai water heater beeping?

Is your water heater’s water flow rate compromisingly low?

Reduced water pressure frequently occurs together with a decrease in water flow. The water flow rate from the tap lines will be lessened, as you’ll observe. The alarms are set off by the most frequent reason, which is a blockage in the water supply due to a low water pressure.

It’s crucial to understand that Rinnai water heaters require an optimal pressure to function. It shouldn’t fall below the optimal requirement.

Low pressure permits overheating and causes the gadget to immediately switch off.

Tankless water heater beeping as pressure builds up? I’ll be glad to assist you in finding the solution.

  1. Start with checking the water supply to make sure there’s no sediment/debris obstructing the way. If so, remove them carefully.
  2. Check for the water pressure regulator, which often lies near the water shut-off valve.
  3. Ensure that the pressure is not relatively low. If so, adjust it to its optimum.
  4. Lastly, check if it has restored the function back.

Is your tankless water heater beeping due to an inlet screen obstruction?

Water fills the tankless water heater through an intake screen. The precipitation of debris and ions including copper, iron, calcium, and magnesium leads to an obstructed inlet screen.

These depositions in the screen could cause alterations in pressure within the device. The tankless water heater requires an optimum level of pressure to function, and alterations in the pressure could start the alarm.

Here’s a solution:

  1. Switch off the power supply to the inlet screen.
  2. The inlet screen is situated near the cold inlet valve.
  3. Follow by carefully removing the inlet screen and clearing anything that obstructs it.

After the above-mentioned steps, usually, it should be restored back. If you notice any damage to the inlet screen, make sure to replace it.

Exactly why is your Rinnai water heater beeping?

Steps to restore from a block in the venting system

A build up in any element of the appliance, namely in the venting system, tankless water heater beeping might be a very prevalent cause.

Most water heaters use natural gas. They are known to have properties of flammable vapors, this insists all water heaters to have a well-built vent system.

  • First, switch off the power connecting the Rinnai tankless water heater.
  • Secondly, clear any relevant clogs in the vent.
  • Lastly, after clearing the vent, now you could safely switch the power back on.

If clearing a clogged vent/ air filter/condensate trap is quite difficult, please do not hesitate for assistance from an expert.

How do i resolve the rinnai water heater beep without an error code?

In this case, your Rinnai tankless water heater does not reveal any error codes and will still continue to beep.

The heater beeping without any significant leak could also account for the damage to the leak detector.

To fix, firstly, you need to begin by plugging and unplugging the fixture from its power source.

If the alarm continues to beep, we need to proceed with the following:

  1. Switch off the cold water, leaving the hot water running.
  2. The hot water should be continuously drained out from the system, further proceeding with removing the plug for the cold water valve.
  3. Wipe the screen that was concealed by the plug.
  4. Redo steps 1-3 if not resolved, but this time, allowing the cold water to be drained.
  5. Lastly, the cold and hot water should be placed separately, allowing the power to run thru them.

After completing the above steps, there’s a low chance for the problem to persist. If, unfortunately, it does, positively the Rinnai tankless water heater could still be restored with the help of an air compressor.

Here’s a guide to fixing your tankless water heater using an air compressor:

  1. Begin by turning the cold and hot water off and keeping the tanks empty.
  2. Take off the plate above the cold water valve and place it away.
  3. Spray into the water heater via the opening using the air compressor. During this, you’ll notice a whirling sound, ensuring the proper function of the device.
  4. Make sure to screw the plate back to its original position.
  5. Notice whether the beeping sound has stopped, restoring the normal function of the device.
Exactly why is your Rinnai water heater beeping?


How do I silence my Rinnai alarm?

To switch the Rinnai alarm system, you need to hold the thermostat button for 5 seconds. You’ll notice the sound progressively increases, eventually switching the alarm off.

Why is my Rinnai beeping 11?

If your Rinnai tankless water heater displays error code 11, this is due to an issue caused by the igniter, gas source, and hose. Identifying the specific cause would allow proper restoration of the device.

How do I reset my Rinnai water heater?

After making sure all heating appliances such as the bathtub are switched off, proceed to hold the ON/OFF button for a few seconds and release it.

Why is my Rinnai beeping 10?

Note, error code 10 is due to an obstruction in the airway or the exhaust. Follow the detailed instructions in this article for the greatest results when clearing an air supply blockage.


A Rinnai tankless water heater, unlike any other, provides customers a simplified manner to comprehend any fault brought on by the appliance. Anybody may immediately identify the precise issue with any component of the water heater by employing error codes. Easy to diagnose and quick to cure.

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