How to manage a Dyson Fan without remote control: the best guide

Dyson Fans provide houses with quality air circulation and are an indispensable part of every household. However, as is the case with any fan model, there might be situations when it is necessary to manage without using a remote. This article will discuss alternative methods of management.

how to control dyson fan without remote

How to control Dyson Fan without remote?

Dyson products are well-known for maintaining high air quality and keeping indoor air in a suitable condition for comfortable living.

They can operate as a heater, cooler, or filter of air if people press the necessary standby buttons.

Air purifier products of Dyson, which are also popular for keeping an allergen-free home, come with a remote that is used to manage the device but under some circumstances, it can get lost or broken. These conditions force the user to look for alternative ways of controlling the fan.

So when one is unable to do it without the remote, it is possible to adjust it manually. There are two possible ways of doing so and we will discuss them below in detail.

Managing the fan manually without Dyson Fan Remote

  1. Activate the working process of the fan by pressing the standby on/off button on the appliance (mostly at the bottom).
  2. Press the standby button to switch it on or off.

Controlling the temperature of the fan with buttons

Press temperature changing buttons to set the programmed temperature. The declining process might take longer than expected because the Dyson Fan speeds up to the maximum before decreasing.

In case the target temperature is 32°F, it gradually changes from heating mode to cooling.

Controlling the speed of fan with buttons

The speed of the fan is also manageable by standby buttons. You have to hold the button and wait for its speed to increase. The same action is done for decreasing. So, it is possible to adjust it manually.

Nevertheless, not many people tend to manually change the settings of Dyson Fans because the Dyson App can be a helpful solution.

How to manage a Dyson Fan without remote control: the best guide

Step-by-step guide on how to use the Dyson App

Dyson App is used to regulate the speed of the Dyson Fan, achieve comfortable temperatures, and provide further assistance to adjust the other settings for better air quality. Its innovative features are user-friendly and simple to comprehend.

Availability of the application

It has both the IOS version on App Store and the Android version on Google Play. Using Dyson App effectively is a practical way of controlling the Dyson Fan models. There are some easy steps to take to start using the application for comfort.

The steps of using the Dyson Link App to control

  1. Connect to the WiFi net
  2. work and make sure of its stability because sudden disconnections can prevent the Dyson app from working and disrupt its further operations.
  3. Install the Dyson App via the online stores available on the phone. It is necessary to check whether the Dyson link app is compatible with your phone model because only Android 5.0 and IOS 10.0 or later versions can operate the app. Since if it isn’t compatible, there might be problems with connection, control, and further appliance.
  4. Turn on your phone’s and Dyson Fan’s Bluetooth. Consequently, contact Dyson Fan and in auto settings enable the “automatically pair” option because it allows a faster connection next time.
  5. Find the Dyson Link app on your phone screen or menu and click on it. As it is an innovative Dyson Link app, it has Dyson Fan turn-on and off buttons that make it easy.
How to manage a Dyson Fan without remote control: the best guide

More functions of the Dyson Fan Link App

In addition to the functions stated above, the Dyson App possesses a wide range of more needy settings. Thus, read them below to use opportunities to the fullest!

Information about the Dyson Fan model

Dyson App also allows learning more about the Dyson model that you possess and its qualities, and properties regarding the management of indoor air, how it implements excellent air quality, and how the Dyson Fan speeds up or slows down.

Adjusting the settings is made possible through the Dyson App

Looking through the Dyson App is also a good idea as there are different functions and operations such as changing the fan’s speed, target temperature, heating, and filtering air.

Monitoring air quality

Indoor air quality monitoring is also the app’s function as it displays daily and weekly graphs of airflow. These can be used to estimate the effectiveness of the fan.

The ability of scheduled cleaning of Dyson Fans

Another ability of the Dyson App is the presence of the Schedule button. It is possible to adjust the Dyson fan settings one week in advance to plan the increase in air quality and its thorough cleaning.

So if the user selects a time for the purifying process to end, it shuts down automatically once the appropriate time has come.

For instance, you can plan to start the air purification at 17.00 and if the home return time is 19.00, your house’s air will be clean in just 2 hours.

How to manage a Dyson Fan without remote control: the best guide

Possible issues with resetting the WiFi network on the Dyson Fan

One of the common problems with the Dyson Fans might be the difficulties of changing or resetting the network.

First step – removing the WiFi network

It is necessary to press on standby button for twenty seconds to forget the network. It is noticeable by looking at the WiFi symbol of the Dyson Fan, which turns green and then white, and it shows that the information of previous home WiFi was forgotten.

Second step – inserting a new WiFi network

The most appropriate way of inserting is not through the Dyson fans’ appliance but through the settings of the phone.

It also might be helpful to check whether the Bluetooth and WiFi of the Dyson Fan are turned on.

In addition, do not forget to check if the Dyson Fans appliance and the fan itself are compatible.

Then click on WiFi settings and find the new network to which you are going to connect your Dyson Fan. However, do not forget to check the new network to make sure that it isn’t a public network or the purifier itself.

Third step – finding the network with the Dyson Fans Link app

Once you click on the button to get started, the appliance will scan for all nearby Dyson Fan models. You have to find your device and click on its symbol to connect.

Press on the standby button to activate the fan while the app is on the screen and the process of Bluetooth connection goes smoothly.

Fourth step – typing the password of the network

In case your home network has a password as is the case with any WiFi nowadays, it is obligatory to enter the password to connect to the Dyson Fan.

Fifth step – adjusting the fan through application

Finally, your phone is connected to the fan and it allows you to monitor air quality, change fan speeds, adjust settings and maintain a better quality of air.

How to manage a Dyson Fan without remote control: the best guide

Problems with automatically turning on and off Dyson Fan

Mostly it is noticeable that the fan turns on suddenly and it might scare a lot of users.

However, there is a reason behind this automatic algorithm.

The fan has automatic detectors and sensors which can identify whether the cleaning is needed or not.

Unless there is a necessity for the purification of air or a change in the room’s temperature, the fan does not work due to the energy saving.

This allows users to fully leave the responsibility of maintaining fresh air because the fan takes care of it.

How to manage a Dyson Fan without remote control: the best guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I control my Dyson Fan with my phone?

As it was mentioned previously, it is possible to control the fan through the application which is available on online markets. By following the instructions, which were discussed above, you can easily connect to the Dyson Fan and adjust it according to your preferences.

How do you manually oscillate a Dyson Fan?

Dyson Fan possesses buttons on its surface which allow the users to turn it on or off by pressing on them and maintain allergen free household. In addition, the users can change the temperature, too.

How do I reset my Dyson air purifier without the remote?

There are two solutions for this question as it is feasible through the application of the Dyson Fan and manually by pressing on necessary buttons. One can download the Dyson App and connect both devices (phone and the fan) to WiFi and Bluetooth.

This connection allows further actions regarding resetting and regulating the fan, and its other settings according to safety reasons.

Can you manually turn Dyson Fan?

According to the instructs of the Dyson Hot+Cool, it is necessary to press on standby buttons to turn the appliance on or off. It usually increases to the maximum temperature before cooling down.

Therefore, it is possible to manually turn Dyson Fan on or off based on the preference of the user. The buttons on the Dyson Hot+Cool surface have made it possible to switch it manually. In case there is no other way, it can be done manually.


Dyson Fan is a must-have household appliance that provides consumers with a wide range of functions and fully takes over the responsibility of keeping the house’s air fresh and clean.

Some problems regarding the manual control or application usage for the management can affect the user’s desire to purchase this item.

However, unexpected connection drops or Wi-Fi issues can be easily solved with the Dyson Link App as it allows not only control of the fan but also allows changing speed, mode, and many other settings.

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