Lennox air conditioner reset button: reasons for using

Almost every owner of a house or apartment tries to install an air conditioner from the Lennox brand. However, it is not uncommon for a device to be reset for it to function properly. More details on how Lennox AC reset button will be discussed in this article.

Lennox air conditioner reset button: reasons for using

Does Lennox make quality air conditioners?

Before proceeding to study the issues of the Lennox air conditioners reset button, you should decide on the quality of the device itself.

Lennox brings quality products to the market with new technologies. Thanks to this, the house has clean and cool air.

The quiet operation of the Lennox air conditioner, as well as the minimum power consumption, helps to save money in the future.

Another thing to note is that the Lennox air conditioner is reliable.

Many owners note that the AC unit lasts a long time if properly maintained.

Air conditioners manufactured by Lennox are considered among the best on the market. They are SEER rated.

The device is reliable and economical. Even if you run it 9 hours a day, the electricity bill is negligible.

Lennox air conditioner reset button: reasons for using

The durability of the Lennox air conditioner

On average, such devices last up to 20 years.

After the specified time, the Lennox air conditioning unit needs to be replaced. However, some people try to replace the unit every 12 years to increase the capacity of the Lennox AC.

Lennox air conditioner reset principle

To reset the Lennox AC unit and improve its performance, you need to follow several steps:

  1. Start the mold block of the internal regulator.
  2. Look for an electrical circuit switch on the device that feeds the air conditioner itself.
  3. Press the switch and wait half a minute. After it needs to be launched again.
  4. Activate the AC unit using the internal regulator.

Reasons to reset your Lennox air conditioner

Rebooting the Lennox air conditioner may be required for various reasons. Among the main reasons should be noted:

  1. Noisy operation of the air conditioner, even if it does not cool the room.
  2. The equipment has been broken and water is starting to drip.
  3. The need to use an air conditioning system.
  4. Inability to start the device for unknown reasons.

Resetting the device is appropriate if you notice an error in the operation of the Lennox air conditioner. You should also do work if the air conditioner is not working properly.

If you cannot do the work yourself or are afraid to do it, it is better to call the master in the ventilation system or air conditioning.

You should also use his services if the air conditioner does not work well.

Lennox air conditioner reset button: reasons for using

Where is the reset button located?

It must be understood that the Lennox air conditioning system does not have a reset switch. There is only a pressure switch that can restart the system.

The circuit breaker that is installed in the air conditioning system should be turned off.

This powers off the device. After that, you can proceed to remove the back panel. You should also find the fluid supply line, which is located at the bottom of the device. This is easier if you remove the back panel. Thereafter, you will notice a red elastic switch that signals a liquid line.

You need to click on the change button.

This reset Lennox air conditioner voltage switch. If this does not bring success, and the yellow indicator flashes, then the problem is something else.

Lennox air conditioner reset button: reasons for using

Causes of an air conditioner malfunction

You can reset Lennox air conditioner for various reasons. More details about the main reasons for the inoperability of the device will be discussed below.

Clogged air filter

To solve the problem, cleaning and replacing the air filter is required.

It is recommended to carry out the work every month so that no issues happen in the future. If you ignore the recommendation or forget to clean, the air conditioner may completely fail.

Broken thermostat

If the thermostat is damaged or incorrectly calibrated, the Lennox air conditioner may stop working. If you notice that the house is too hot, or unusual error codes appear on the display, then the problem lies in the thermostat.

Reset circuit breaker

Quite often, people notice that the circuit breaker box, which is connected to the AC unit, continues to work.

This may indicate that the engine is not working.

To solve the problem, disable and reset the breaker. It also helps fight power surges.

Fouled condenser coils

Dust and dirt accumulate in condenser coils. If you notice that the AC unit in your Lennox air conditioner is acting strangely, then the cause may be due to contamination.

To solve the problem, you need to clean the coils. For work, you can use a vacuum cleaner or a special brush for cleaning.

Lennox air conditioner reset button: reasons for using

Poor compressor quality

If the Lennox air conditioner began to generate too much heat, and there is frost on the coils, then the compressor of the device is not working properly. A master is required to solve the problem. You won’t be able to solve the problem on your own.

Control board failure

There is a control panel inside the Lennox air conditioner. It is used to control all functions of the device.

The main purpose of the part is to supply power to the compressor and fan. If the board stops working, it needs to be replaced.

Temperature control board malfunction

The main purpose of the temperature control board is to monitor the temperature inside the air conditioning unit. If it stops working, the device fails. Before proceeding with the replacement of the temperature control board, it makes sense to check all the details.

Temperature control thermostat malfunction

If the board inside works, however, the air is not cooled properly, the reason lies in the malfunction of the thermostat that controls the temperature. To solve the problem, you need to replace it.

Poor thermistor quality or input power failure

If the thermistor stops working, the air conditioner does not cool the air properly. To solve the problem, you need to replace the thermistor.

If there is a power failure at the input, the device does not be powered by electricity. Therefore, you should contact the master who is engaged in the maintenance of air conditioners and ventilation systems.

Blown fan motor

If the blower motor burns out, replace it quickly. If this is not done, the rest of the design, including the fan and compressor, will fail. In the future, this causes more serious damage, which will require major repairs.

The blower motor may burn out if there is a sudden power surge. It also happens if the Lennox AC unit runs for too long.

Motor failure on the condenser fan

As you know, the condenser must be cooled; therefore it is equipped with a fan. If it turns out, a quick replacement is required. Otherwise, other parts may fail. Replacement should be urgent if you smell burning.

Poor condenser quality and fan blade failure

The condenser is responsible for regulating heating and cooling. If it breaks, it needs to be replaced. When loosening the fan blade, you may notice a rattling noise, especially when you start the device.

Therefore, the blade needs to be replaced.

It is not uncommon for a blade to stop working if the blades are contaminated with debris. Therefore, the blades should be cleaned thoroughly and regularly.

Lennox air conditioner reset button: reasons for using


When working with Lennox air conditioners, you may encounter numerous questions.

Does Lennox have a reset button?

You have to find a special button, which is located to the right of the launch control unit. You should lower the tip of the switch to bring the Lennox AC unit into a rest state. After that, it remains to return to its original position.

Where is my AC reset button?

The button may be outside the air conditioning unit. The button has a red tint, so it’s pretty easy to spot. If the button is not visible from the outside, then it is inside and is hidden behind the service panel.


As you can see, resetting the Lennox air conditioner is quite simple. However, you need to try to find it because it can be both outside and inside.

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