Rheem vs. Lennox air conditioner comparison: What is the best for you?

Acquiring an air conditioner is the super necessary thing you should do on the eve of summer, especially if you live in an area with a hot climate. It will serve as a tool of relief and can save you from extremely high temperatures. For that, you need to purchase an ideal, high-quality air conditioner from a trusted manufacturer.

There are two big companies, which produce the most reliable air conditioners on the market: Rheem and Lennox. These 2 brands are considered to be quite competitive in terms of quality of features, longevity, and price.

People get confused about choosing one of them. So in this article, we are going to shed a light on both air conditioners for you to be aware and buy the preferable one.

rheem vs. lennox

Rheem air conditioners

Rheem as a brand started to function in 1925 and since has been producing boilers, furnaces, heating, and ventilation equipment besides air conditioners (HVAC systems). The company is known for its energy-efficient and economical products and that is why it still has high financial income.

Rheem air conditioners are divided into 3 series: value series, classic series, and prestige series. Each series offer different Rheem models.

Value Series

Value is the simplest series that offers 2 single-stage models. It is good for periodical use. Also has 1 two-stage model for ongoing use.

Classic series

Classic series are made of only 2 single-stage compressors and are ranked as middle in terms of execution and price.

Prestige series

The prestige series is the highest-rated air conditioner type. It has 1 single-stage and 2 two-stage compressors, Rheem units are established with a control system that allows the air conditioner to work much better.

There is also one more type of compressor, called variable speed compressor, which allows changing the speed of the engine.

Advantages of functioning

Rheem air conditioners are pretty good at several points of functioning. People choose them according to their performance and some features, which create comfort for the users.

This brand’s conditioners are well-known for the thermostat, a technological system for monitoring and controlling temperatures through certain devices.

An established scroll compressor is the next plus because it causes energy efficiency, removing noise and making the work of an air conditioner quieter.

One more convenient feature of a Rheem air conditioner is humidity control. You can easily change the humidity level thanks to these devices.

Longevity of Rheem air conditioner

According to the given information, Rheem air conditioners can last 15 years on average. The company offers 10 years of guarantee and 5 years guarantee for some parts additionally.

Moreover, the parts of the Rheem AC unit are replaceable. The manufacturer does not use unique standards and in case of breaking, you easily can send an AC for repair.

Energy efficiency

According to the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) which measures how an air conditioner is energy efficient, the Rheem AC unit has a pretty high SEER rating.

The best models are rated 21. In comparison, 13 SEER tells that that conditioner efficiently uses electricity. So, the higher the rating, the better the AC.

Rheem coils

Rheem coils are created from aluminum fins that make the work of an AC stronger and more efficient. They function altogether with the compressors, which were mentioned above. So, if you ask ”Are Rheem air conditioners loud?”, then the answer is “No”.


The price of Rheem AC depends on the series, models, functioning, and SEER rating. However, the brand is popular among people for its high-quality and low prices.

The cost of these air conditioners varies from $950 to $2000. For delivery and establishment, you will need to pay additionally, depending on where is your home or office.

Rheem vs. Lennox air conditioner comparison: What is the best for you?

Lennox air conditioners

The Lennox company has been functioning since the end of the 19th century and making it well until this day. The brand is older than its main competitor, Rheem.

Lennox produces the same equipment for HVAC systems.

Lennox AC units are prized for uniqueness, surprising energy efficiency, and performance. Let’s look deeply at the product of this brand.

Lennox has 3 types of series as well: merit series, elite series, and Dave Lennox signature collection series.

Merit series

They offer 4 single-stage air conditioners on a basic level. They are considered to be the cheapest and simple model among Lennox air conditioning products.

Elite Series

These series are better and modified versions of Lennox ac units. They have the same the models as merit series and two-stage models with different capacities.

Dave Lennox series

This collection offers single-stage and two-stage units. It is the most energy-efficient model and is considered to be the best one.

Lennox AC advantages

Lennox also offers temperature control thanks to iComfort S30, just like the smart thermostat of Rheem AC. You can change the temperature and speed of the air conditioning as well.

Humidity control options are innovated thanks to Climate IQ technology that allows you to choose the humidity level in your house or office.

Scroll compressors are more modified in Lennox air conditioners. The best model of the AC unit has variable stage compressors, which operate a full capacity by 1/4 of full capacity, making Lennox AC units very energy efficient.

It has a positive impact on SEER ratings. Moreover, they have 65 variable speeds, while the best Rheem AC model has only 5 speeds.


Lennox air conditioners live a bit longer than average ones. For instance, the elite series’ durability is around 18 years, and the Dave collection’s life is estimated at 20 years.

It is due to high-quality and unique parts which contain Lennox AC.

The only disadvantage is if the AC unit is broken, it will be very challenging to repair because most of its parts are irreplaceable.

Rheem vs. Lennox air conditioner comparison: What is the best for you?

Lennox coils

Lennox coils are made of 2 different elements: aluminum and copper. Aluminum is the best option for air conditioning systems, keeping exceptionally low noise levels.

However, copper pipes are also available to attach for better work.

The energy efficiency of Lennox air conditioners

The most valuable feature of Lennox AC is its efficiency. According to the SEER rating, the best Lennox model has a rate of 26, which is said to be the highest in the air conditioning world.

Other models on average have from 17 to 20 SEER ratings. That is why the air conditioners of this company are the most energy efficient.

The reason for that is due to the variable speed compressors, which are useful to productively use electricity.


Many people judge products based on price. Lennox units cost much higher than the other brands’ HVAC systems.

This is one of the main topics in the discussion about Rheem vs. Lennox.

Lennox air conditioner costs between $3,400-$5600. You can notice that it is pretty expensive for the air conditioning systems market.

Rheem vs. Lennox air conditioner comparison: What is the best for you?

Conclusion: Rheem vs. Lennox

Both Rheem and Lennox brands produce the most high-quality and valuable HVAC systems. When it comes to purchasing one of these brands, you need to understand your preferences first. It is because they have different features and levels of functioning.

Rheem’s air conditioners are good if your budget is strict, and you are looking for reliable AC with utmost control of humidity and temperature, appropriate cooling systems, and great energy efficiency. Also, if you think the product may get deteriorated, it will be easily repaired.

Lennox air conditioner is the best option if your financial condition allows you to buy one. It is more energy efficient since it has a higher SEER rating of 26.

Moreover, this brand’s air conditioners have better scroll and variable stage compressors than Rheem. Additionally, they live longer than other brands’ products and can last up to 20 years. However, beware that they are quite

As you may notice, both Lennox and Rheem have advantages over each other in different areas. You need to rely on your circumstances, finance, and preferences. We hope the information that was provided in this article will be useful for you.


Is Rheem a good HVAC brand?

Definitely yes. The brand produces first-class, top-tier products, which many people prefer to purchase. The history of the company and how long it has been functioning say a lot about it.

Today, Rheem models are popular in the HVAC world and its air conditioning systems are rated very highly.

Is Rheem a high-end brand?

Rheem is in the leading position in the HVAC market with good products and successful sales. SEER ratings and good reviews serve as proof that it is a high-end brand in the world.

Is Lennox high-end?

Like Rheem, Lennox takes first positions on the market. Taking into account the quality and price of the brand’s products, Lennox is one of the elite brands.

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