What is the best temperature for dry mode? 

In the modern world, there are a huge number of devices that help you feel comfortable in your home, even if the climate and weather outside are not particularly favorable.

One such system is the HVAC system, which combines heating, like heat pump, ventilation, and air conditioner units. However, you can also use the air conditioner not in coalition with the heat pump and ventilator, but as a separate unit.

A good advantage of using air conditioning is the setting of mods, which allows you to completely adjust the temperature for yourself, and one of these mods is the dry mode.

In this article, we will analyze what is the best temperature for dry mode, how it differs from other ways to remove moisture, and what are the advantages of using dry mode.

temperature for dry mode

How to remove excess moisture? 

Removing excess moisture can be done with special devices like a dehumidifier, however, you can also get rid of excess moisture with the help of functions that are installed in the air conditioning system besides dry mode, other functions can improve the percentage of moisture.

What is an AC?

An air conditioning system is a system that uses indoor air to change the temperature using heating and cooling functions.

The air conditioner can be controlled either using the buttons on it or using a remote control or an app on your phone.

In general, the air conditioner system is great for those people who live in a country whose climate does not suit them at all. For example, a person develops allergic reactions to a high percentage of moisture in a room during the rainy weather in England and air conditioning will help you cope with this problem.

Air conditioner modes

There are only four modes inside the air conditioner system, namely cooling mode, dry mode, fan mode, and auto mode. Fan mode can also be called air purification and renewal, cool mode cools the air, and auto mode adjusts and makes the air stable under the same characteristics.

What is the best temperature for dry mode?

What is a dry mode in AC? 

Let’s move on to what the dry mode function on air conditioners is in general. Very often, users confuse cool mode with dry mode, but it cannot be said that they give a completely identical feeling. A dry mode is an option that lowers the humidity levels inside your home using the remote control.

Dry mode temperature setting

Dry mode temperature settings allow you to control that as humidity levels drop, the temperature doesn’t get too high or too low.

Usage of a dry mode in different conditions 

Before you start using and adjusting the air conditioner dry mode, you first need to understand in what conditions it can be used and how.

What is the best temperature for dry mode?

All day

If you want the air conditioner’s dry mode to be active all day long, you can do this as it won’t harm your conditioner too much. However, this may not be very convenient for you, since the temperature cannot be stable all day long and the complete absence of moisture in the air is not a favorable environment.


The dry mode will not be very effective in the summer, as there is rarely a large percentage of moisture in the air in hot weather and it is better to use the cold air function if you feel that the atmosphere inside the room has become stuffy.

An air conditioner with activated dry mode will not be particularly effective in hot weather, as it can even lead to dehydration.


An air conditioner with an activated dry mode is ideal for cold winter times, as the dry function is activated precisely in situations where the temperature is low and there is moisture.

It is best to use dry mode at the beginning of winter when the temperature is low and there is a lot of rainfall.

What is the best temperature for dry mode?

AC dry mode VS dehumidifier 

Air conditioner’s dry mode and dehumidifier have a common goal, they remove the relative humidity percentage, but there are certainly differences between them. Let’s start with the fact that the dehumidifier is a separate device that is completely designed to remove excess moisture, it is not capable of doing any other manipulations with the air in the room.

If you buy a dehumidifier, this does not mean that it can replace the Air conditioner robot, because, with the help of an air conditioner, you can leave the relative humidity percentage and change only the temperature, which is much more efficient and convenient.

Dry mode is a function completely under your control, unlike a dehumidifier, since far from all dehumidifiers you can change the settings for how intensively the moisture will be removed, while the dry mode is controlled by you in all aspects.

Also, the dry mode is a much more cost-effective feature, because if you are satisfied with the amount of moisture, you can turn off dry mode and continue to use other functions of the air conditioner. In the case of a dehumidifier, you will need to spend money on additional temperature control devices.

What is the best temperature for dry mode?

AC dry mode VS AC cool mode 

Most air conditioner users believe that cool mode and dry mode are two functions that are used for the same purpose, but this is not the case. Cool mode is used to cool the temperature, while dry mode does not affect the temperature inside the room.

You cannot use dry mode instead of cool mode, however, it is best to activate dry mode after activating cool mode, as it was said earlier that air purification from humidity levels works best in rooms with cold air.

Air conditioner dry mode can create cool air while getting rid of moisture, however, this does not mean that cool mode is not effective, as, on the other hand, the cool mode can reduce the percentage of moisture in the room.

These are two completely different functions that are suitable for their purposes, that is, with the correct setting of cool mode, you can get the ideal cold temperature, just like with dry mode, with the right setting, you get the ideal percentage of moisture for yourself. It will be impossible to set up dry or cool mode, not for their functions.

What is the best temperature for dry mode?

Dry mode VS fan mode 

Another function of the air conditioner that many people confuse with the dry mode is the fan function. The fan, also unlike the cool mode, is completely made to replace the air that has been in the room for a long time with a new one, for example, if you used strong-smelling cleaning products, ventilation can help.

Also, the fan function can remove humidity with its fan speed, but this does not mean that this will happen on an ongoing basis. As mentioned earlier about the cool function, the fan option can control temperature and fan speed by adjusting the settings, however, it cannot completely replace the dry mode function.

On the other hand, the fan function is suitable for those people who want to ventilate the air, but at the same time maintain the same humidity levels or close to them.

Dry mode is a function that completely removes moisture, which is why you should immediately understand why exactly you do not like the presence of moisture, perhaps the problem is in temperature or air quality, in which case you better use cool mode and fan mode and check if moisture still bothers you.

What is the best temperature for dry mode?

Advantages of using the dry mode 

To understand if you need to use an air conditioner’s dry mode, you should first read the benefits of using it, which you can find below.


Let’s start with the fact that an efficient air conditioner with activated dry mode will have a beneficial effect on your health. Dry mode is especially suitable for allergy sufferers, as it removes any irritants that breed in moisture.

And for healthy people, air with an optimum humidity level will be much more favorable.

Temperature feeling 

Moisture always makes the temperature in the air seem higher than it is. It is because of this that when using an air conditioner with activated dry mode, you will feel the real temperature.

Also, moisture can create a feeling of stuffiness and lack of air, which is especially badly perceived in hot weather without cool mode and dry mode.

What is the best temperature for dry mode?


An air conditioner with activated dry mode prevents the spread of dust since it is in a humid environment where dust must of all begin to spread and settle on household appliances.

Also, a high level of moisture in the indoor air can independently spoil the performance of equipment in the house without using dry mode.


If the room has a high level of moisture, any bad smells will be very strongly felt even if you tried to hide them by all means. In this regard, an air conditioner with activated dry mode can also help.

Dry mode creates a fresh scent and prevents fungus and mold from developing in your apartment along with unpleasant odors, as we know moisture is the main trigger of mold development. 


Also, an air conditioner with dry mode will help you if you are a fan of home workouts. Air with high levels of moisture will prevent you from exercising normally, as it will make it difficult for you to breathe and you will quickly get tired. 

The dry mode will make the temperature and air much more conducive to physical activity. 

Energy efficiency

So, does dry mode save electricity? You use air conditioners with cool mode every time the air temperature gets too high, but it may be due to the presence of moisture in the air. Also, the use of dry mode will allow other equipment to work much more and at the same time consume less electricity.

In this case, the use of dry mode will significantly save the use of electricity in your home.

What is the best temperature for dry mode?

The best temperature for the air conditioner dry mode 

The best temperature for dry mode activated on the air conditioner depends primarily on you. You must understand that dry mode will be able to remove moisture in any case, whether you have really hot weather or, on the contrary, more favorable and cool.

However, it should be said that with cool air you will feel the result more, since it is in cold weather that there is a large development of moisture in the air, due to which it can become stuffy in the room, but when the windows are opened, there is a fear that the temperature will become too low.

It is best when using dry mode at high temperatures, first activate the dry function itself and after the percentage of moisture in the room rises to the desired level, just turn on cool mode.

The generally accepted and ideal temperature for dry mode is 77ºF. It is up to this temperature that dry mode tries to lower the air in the room by reducing the amount of moisture.  

Just as soon as this temperature is reached, the ventilation together with the dry mode stops working, however, as soon as the temperature rises along with the level of humidity, the dry option is activated again.

What is the best temperature for dry mode?


How long can I use dry mode in AC?

It’s all up to you, as using dry mode in AC can last all day if the moisture level in the air is too high.

However, it’s best to use dry mode for exactly an hour or two a day at the time of day when the humidity is at its highest.

Does dry mode make the room cold?

The dry mode in AC can cause the room to cool down as the percentage of moisture disappears, causing the temperature to drop.

However, this by no means means that you can use dry mode to lower the temperature, as it is simply not efficient. It is better to use the cooling function of the air conditioner.

Does dry mode damage AC?

No, the use of dry mode does not affect the condition of the air conditioners in any way, even if you activate it for the whole day.

However, the AC dry mode is still best used for just a few hours, as the complete absence of moisture in the air can be harmful.

At what humidity should I use dry mode?

It is best to use air conditioners with activated dry mode during the period when the percentage of moisture is maximized.

If the moisture level is between 45 and 65 percent, then you need to activate the dry mode, most of the time humidity levels reach their highest point in the middle of the day.


The air conditioning unit is a device that will allow you to have complete control over the atmosphere in your room, as you can not only control the temperature, but also the humidity level using dry mode.

We hope that after reading this article the question “what is the best temperature for dry mode” will no longer be relevant to you since now you know the answer to it. Moreover, you understand how dry mode differs from other functions of the AC and dehumidifier, and what are the advantages of using dry mode.

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