Is your White Rodgers thermostat blinking snowflake? The best solutions 

When you turn on your thermostat and see the flashing snowflake symbol, it can be pretty alarming. What do I do next? Should I call an HVAC specialist? 

It’s a scary sight, but don’t worry—we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll discuss the possible causes of the flashing snowflake error and how to fix it. Keep reading to learn more.

White Rodgers thermostat blinking snowflake

Causes of the White Rodgers/Emerson thermostat flashing snowflake

There are a few possible causes of the White Rodgers thermostat blinking snowflake. One of the more common causes is a power outage. 

If the symbol began blinking immediately after initial installation, likely, the thermoregulator was not properly installed.

If your thermoregulator is suddenly shutting off, it’s likely due to an interruption in power. This can be due to a storm, a power outage in your area, or even something as simple as a blown fuse.

Another common cause is a misalignment of your thermoregulator. If it’s not properly calibrated, it can cause the unit to shut off or go into standby mode. This is often caused by a change in temperature or humidity levels. 

Check the outdoor unit second. Blinking a snowflake means an outdoor unit issue. Restarting the thermoregulator works. Restart everything after a few minutes. After restarting, check the outdoor unit is operating. If the outdoor unit was broken, the blinking light should have stopped.

Finally, there’s also the possibility that your thermoregulator is simply dirty and that’s why the thermoregulator enters a short cycle. If the sensors are coated in dust or dirt, it can cause your unit to malfunction.

How to fix the White Rodgers blinking snowflake? 

Have an Emerson thermostat? Having the blinking snowflake error? This can be annoying, but there are solutions. 

First, check your thermostat’s power. Check the plug and outlet. If so, reset your thermostat if the problem persists. Unplugging for a few minutes and replugging the device to see if it works. 

Worn-out batteries: If not, replace the battery. Find the thermostat’s battery by removing the front panel. Replace dead or low batteries. Test your thermostat to see if the blinking snowflake is fixed.

Is your White Rodgers thermostat blinking snowflake? The best solutions 

Reasons for short cycling of a White Rodgers thermostat

Is your White Rodgers thermostat short cycling? 

There are a few reasons why your Emerson thermostat might be short cycling. One possibility is that the system is frozen.

A dirty air filter, for example, can restrict airflow and cause your system to short cycle. 

If the outdoor unit is frozen, the thermostat will turn off the compressor to try to prevent damage. When the compressor turns back on, it will cause short cycling.

Another possibility is that the thermostat isn’t sensing the temperature properly. If the thermostat senses that the temperature is too high, it will turn off the compressor. This can also cause short cycling.

If your HVAC system is either too large or too small, it will heat or cool your space too quickly. As a result of the standard processes failing to produce the desired results, your system will enter a short cycle. 

Finally, if there’s a problem with the air conditioner or furnace, it can cause short cycling. If you’re unable to identify or fix the issue on your own, it’s best to call in a professional.

How to troubleshoot the delay mode of a White Rodgers thermostat?

If your White Rodgers thermostat blinking snowflake, check the delay mode. You can diagnose and fix the problem. 

First, check the batteries’ freshness and connections. Check for blockages on or around the thermostat if this does not work. 

Having too many devices near your thermostat can cause signal interference. 

Thermostats can break or need replacement. Place the device in direct sunlight or near a cold or hot appliance to make it turn on and off normally. 

If none of these solutions work, you may need a professional to diagnose and fix the issue. They’ll likely be able to determine what exactly is causing your White Rodgers thermostat blinking snowflake problem, and provide an effective solution.

Tips for maintaining your HVAC system and dirty air filters

A too-large HVAC system can cause short cycling. Your HVAC system shuts down if it cools or heats too quickly. Because your home’s temperature rises quickly after a short cooling cycle, the cycle will repeat. 

This stresses out your HVAC system. Rapid heating or chilling can damage the heat exchanger during short cycling. Each time the blower motor starts and stops, it wears out and shortens its life. Only a pro can tell if your HVAC system is too small. 

Maintaining your HVAC system and air filters can prevent White Rodgers thermostat snowflakes. Ensure proper cooling and heating ventilation by regularly cleaning or replacing filters.

Ensure that your unit is well-insulated and that the ducts are leak-free. 

Check the outside of your unit for debris that could block airflow. Finally, have a licensed HVAC specialist perform regular maintenance checks to check for problems. If your HVAC professional installed a thermostat with a larger capacity than your space needs, the cooling or heating cycle may be too fast. 

These steps will ensure your White Rogers thermostat’s optimal performance and prevent future snowflake blinking.

Is your White Rodgers thermostat blinking snowflake? The best solutions 

Too much HVAC system capacity

When your HVAC unit has too much room, it may short-circuit. HVAC system cools and heats homes quickly and efficiently. Due to a rapid temperature rise, the air conditioning process repeats once per minute. 

Several factors affect your HVAC. Short-circuiting HVAC equipment during heating can damage heat exchangers. The blower motor is also prone to damage and wear, which can shorten its components’ lifespan.

What is the lockout mode of White Rodgers thermostats?

Emerson thermostat snowflakes indicate compressor lockout feature. This feature prevents accidental programming changes when more than four buttons are pressed within a certain time. 

Holding “Home” for 10 seconds unlocks the lockout mode. After deactivating the mode, you can continue programming changes. If not, reset the thermostat to factory settings. 

Incorrect settings can damage your HVAC system. If needed, consult the Emerson thermostat user manual or call customer service.

How to check your air conditioner is working properly?

Blinking snowflake icons on your White Rodgers thermostat indicate a working air conditioner. This indicates a problem with the AC or the temperature setting. If you see this icon, check your filter settings. 

Cold air: Why is my air conditioner not blowing cold air? Check the fan. Check power. Clean the air filter. Clean the outside unit. Clean ice-covered coils and check the refrigerant level. Drain the clog. 

What do you need to check if the circuit breaker trips?

If the circuit breaker trips, check the thermostat’s wiring. Make sure the wires are properly connected and not damaged.

Wiring corrosion can cause a short circuit and a tripped circuit breaker.

If everything looks good, replace the thermostat.

Re-setting the White Rodgers thermostat

If the snowflake icon keeps blinking, reset your Rodgers thermostat. To do this, find the thermostat’s power box behind or near it. Wait 10 seconds, then reconnect the power box. Resetting should fix your problem and remove the blinking snowflake icon. 

If resetting does not work, download the thermostat software and install it. If the thermostat clicks, contact the furnace manufacturer or a technician to verify the heating system if the thermostat clicks.

Reset the thermostat with UP, DOWN, and TIME. Check the White Rogers website or call customer service for thermostat-resetting instructions. Re-upload your preferred temperature and the desired setting.

Is your White Rodgers thermostat blinking snowflake? The best solutions 


It’s not just the blinking snowflake icon that’s causing all the trouble. There are other things you should be aware of and can do to prevent your White Rodgers thermostat from experiencing power outages. For instance, if you have an air filter, make sure to replace it when it’s dirty.


What does a flashing snowflake mean on a White Rodgers thermostat?

If the thermostat is set to lockout, snow, and fire symbols will flash to indicate a fast-cycling compressor.

Why is my thermostat in delay mode?

Different temperature models display the delay mode differently. Typically, it is 5 minutes. It prevents heating and cooling systems from starting too quickly and causing damage.

What does it mean when your thermostat is blinking?

Low batteries may cause blinking thermostat screens. You cannot cool or heat your home if the thermostat’s batteries die.

How do you reset a White Rodgers thermostat?

White Rodgers 80 and 70 thermostats: Down, Up, and Time. Wait until the thermostat’s screen blanks and reappears. Reset by holding the buttons for 10 seconds.

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